My Suite of Solutions

drawing from my experiences & expertise, I have a suite of solutions to serve you.

Corporate MC

I understand how valuable your events are, recognise that you have invested your resources to bring them to life, and want the best out of the event. As the Master of Ceremony for your event (live or virtual), I have the poise and voice to host, set the mood, and moderate the event to ensure your expected outcome is achieved. Hiring me gives you a chance to have a taste of my expertise and professionalism honed over 8 years of hosting diverse events including Book launch, Women empowerment, Theatre performances, and Political and Religious meetings.


Creating good products, services or events is not enough. Marketing is indispensable! From my years of experience in radio, I have seen attempts to market good products and services fail due to poorly written scripts and below-average voicing. That wouldn’t be your case with my voice-over solution which transforms your brief into a script and voice that compels your target audience to take action. Apart from script and voiceover for commercials, I offer voiceover for training material and audiobooks in English and Igbo languages.

Corporate MC

I rose from a correspondent in the government house for Anambra state in 2014 to Head of News at Dream FM. In the course of my work, I have seen organizations and public figures pay for airtime to create awareness for a project or clarity on an issue with the very little result due to poor preparation from their representatives. My media consulting solution covers press interview preparation, managing studio fright, taking tough questions, and handling feedback from listeners.