Radio Came Calling from Shoes Selling Hustle

While I walked the campus of Imo State University as an undergraduate in the Sociology & Anthropology department between 2004-2009, I never imagined myself working in radio, let alone interviewing the Deputy President of the Senate, Federal Republic of Nigeria, or the world-renowned music minister, Don Moen among others.

My first work experience was in the aviation sector as a travel agent at Topclass Travels and Tours in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. I worked as a travel agent from 2009 till 2011 when I went for my National Youth Service Corps “NYSC.” However, after my NYSC in 2012,  I decided not to go back home to become a burden on my parents. I was resolute on finding something to do, so I started selling clothes and shoes sent from the United States by my cousin. One of my customers, EBerry, who is my sister from another mother,  invited me to Hot 99.5 FM Owerri on a Monday to collect my money after selling her clothes in church. That became the turning point as she remarked on my ‘broadcaster voice’ and told me that there was an opening in the place.

My journey in radio moved from Hot 99.5 FM, to Dream 92.5 FM Enugu, Nigeria where I climbed the ladder from the host of popular shows like WordVsWorld, Political Voices, People’s Forum, and The Assembly to becoming the Head of News & Current Affairs. Riding on the wings of mentors, coaches, colleagues and bosses, I have become a renowned voice expressed in divergent forms of service delivery such as voiceover, compere, media consultancy/training, public speaking in addition to my full-time roles in the media industry spanning a decade now. In 2017, I was trained by Radio Netherlands Training Centre “RNTC” in the art of producing media to counter radicalization. 

I took a leap in 2021 to delve into development studies, so I left for my Masters Degree at the International Institute of Social Studies, Den Haag, the Netherlands. It wasn’t just a ceremonial degree for me; it’s an introduction to a new world in terms of education, course scope and exposure that has armed me with knowledge and skills for being a development media personnel , with specialization in conflict resolution and peace.

One major lesson from my MA journey is the realization of an intersection between media and development in terms of promoting peace and transforming conflict for societal change. It became clear that my media skill is not just for talking but can be deployed for positive development in my society and that has become my mission at this point and this website is a platform for making that become reality.

So, apart from checking out my services to understand how I could serve you, you are welcome to come to my weekly blog where I share my story, lessons and encouragement.

Welcome to my website.


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